Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'm Eevee

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Hi! I'm Eevee(。◕‿◕。)

yaya, i adopted tis name from
that cute little creature named
Eevee from Pokemon

PAST: having my final year, final sem in my Advance Diploma in Financial Accounting, n 2 more paper to go to finish my ACCA -a very stressful sem
CURRENT STATUS: Working adult.. so OLD o(≧o≦)o with very normal non exciting life. 

-future chartered accountant?
-wish to get a 'golden turtle' n become 'siu lai lai'

AB type of person

which sitting right end of the corner n no one will notice me
but once u notice me, do come n talk to me as i m quite talkative ^^
Emotional type
easy angry, easy crazy, easy cry, easy laugh, easy sad, easy happy

- SLEEP!! (really wish everyday can sleep as much as i like)
- Eat
- Cute Stuffs ><
- Twinkle twinkle little stars ☆
- Bubble tea
- Ribbon (recently)

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