Wednesday, October 29, 2014

[Beauty] L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil

Hi Pretties~

Today i wanna share my currently top favourite hair care product L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil.

I bought the red colour cap (for coloured hair) at RM 39.90 for 100ml. You can get this easily at any drugstore (Watsons, Caring, Guardian). The gold colour is for all type of hair. 

This oil has been selected as winner in beautyheaven Best in Beauty award 2013. 
As mentioned in the main web, it is really the perfect companion for ULTIMATE hair care, style and protectionInspired by the extraordinary power of 6 rare flower oils which are:

1. LOTUS OIL gives an intense nutrition
2. CAMOMILE OIL boosts shine and radiance
3. TIARE FLOWER OIL protects from dryness
4. MATRICARIA OIL -softens and relaxes hair texture
5. ROSE OIL protects from external aggressors
6. FLAX OIL intensely hydrates

I was introduced by a sales promoter when i was looking for hair product to protect my just coloured red hair. I was bit surprise that she said the product is use before shampoo and when i read the usage on the bottle, it really did mentioned that. I was thinking why i need to apply oil when i was going to shampoo it off. Waste of my money ah? 

Actually this oil can also be use after shampoo. So i bought it to use it after shampoo before blow drying. I have a very thick and coarse hair and my hair cannot be easily dry naturally (need takes half day!). So I must use hair dryer to dry my hair every time. I know blow drying quite harsh but i can't let my hair dry naturally coz I will have headache. Fortunately i found this product! Its making my hair feel protected.o(〃^▽^〃)o

After doing some research, I just realised that this is really a very worth trying product because 1 bottle of oil can be used for multipurpose. They claim this as 1001 secrets extraordinary oil!! 1001 ways of using the oil?!! No wonder they named it as EXTRAordinary. Following are the secret shown in their website,but i was wondering where are the remaining list, please do tell me if you know ya, so I can further explore the usage of this oilε:

As a daily nourishing care
Apply a few drops on your hair daily, focusing on the lengths of the hair to intensively nourish and tame frizz.

As a nourishing mask
Apply a few drops on your hair 10 minutes before shampooing to smooth the fibre and restore your hair’s texture.

To protect before colouring
The day before colouring, prepare your hair by applying a few drops. You hair is deeply nourished, ready to be coloured without fear of having dry hair.

As a night treatment to recharge hair
Apply generously to dry hair and leave overnight for deep nourishment. Use a shower cap to boost the effect.

Protect your hair from heat
Protect your hair against heat damage and heat tools by coating it with oil before blow drying and styling.

Protect your hair from the pool
Apply few drops on your hair before swimming to protect from chlorine and dryness.

Protects your hair from humidity
Apply a few drops on your hair to tame frizz caused by humitidy in hot temperatures. Oil keeps water out of the cuticle to make hair smooth and soft.

Illuminates your hair
Apply a few drops to bring shine and suppleness to your strands.

Anti-frizz smoothing
Apply a few drops on wet hair and detangle with a wide toothed comb.

Helps create the perfect wavy look
Apply a few drops on damp hair, braid hair and leave overnight or until hair is dry. Untie the braid and hair is perfectly wavy! Finish by adding a few drops to control frizz and add shine.

Curl definition
Apply a few drops on your hair, then place it in a towel and squeeze gently without rubbing. Your curls will be more defined and nourished.

Really surprise that this oil really got many purposes and will wonder is it real? Also know why it is used before shampoo, apparently use as a hair mask. But this not suitable for me, coz I'm a very LAZY girl, i prefer to do mask after shampooing.

My usage
My another useful way of using this oil is before swimming. I love swimming but I HATE myself ends up covered with chlorine after swimming. Although shampoo (normal shampoo) twice also can't clear the chlorine off. This oil able to protect my hair from bad bad chlorine while giving my hair nutrient. After using this oil, I can really feel that my hair is much smoother after wash although I still need to wash twice. However, it is not tat effective if you stay in pool for longer period of time. BUT still, better to protect than NONE right??

As mentioned earlier, I use this oil before blow drying my hair. Trust me, you can definitely feel the different between use and not use (i might forgot to use it sometime hehe.. ). My hair is so soft, smooth and manageable after I use it. I love to touch and comb my hair with fingers after each time I use this oil.

Ohya! You don't worry that this oil give your hair very oily feel or look!! Coz you won't feel any greasiness at all!!! Very 'geng' right?

UV filter - another benefits with attract me and suitable to every Malaysian girls who facing 365 days 'summer' season with TOO enough amount of Vit D and UV from sun per day !!! Don't think that if you hide indoor or working indoor like office won't face the 'sun problem'. The lights also will emit UV rays!!! ヽ ( ꒪д꒪ )ノ  UV rays will cause your precious hair turning BROWN and unhealthy. With this oil, it helps to protect your hair from those harmful rays. 

To use this oil, apply 1-3 pump (depends thickness and length of your hair) to you palm. Then rub between your palms until you feel some heat (think will help the oil easily absorb into your hair) then apply to your hair. Apply more at the ends of your hair as that part is the oldest amount your hair and need the most protection.To your surprise, your hand is not oily at all! 

The smell of this extraordinary oil is not strong. They have a quite nice scent which I prefer. The scent makes you feel calm and relax. That is why it can become night hair mask. 

Overall, I give this super multipurpose oil  
If you wish to protect your hair. You can consider this quite affordable oil.

Disclaimer: This product reviewed is bought from my own pocket money, did not mean to advertise it. Good things should share share right? ^^  However, the product reviewed is based on my personal experience and thought, so it may be works for me but may or may not for you. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

[Beauty] Konjac Sponge & Wonder Pore Brush

I know I know, Konjac Sponge wave is ended as now everyone was discussing about Po Bling brush.

However, I just started to use Konjac Sponge 2 month ago!! I'm such an outdated girl.
No matter old or new product, as long as it is a good product why not to give it a try. (^_-)

Product 1: Konjac Sponge

After do some few research (you can find plenty of information in variety websites/blogs on this product nowadays), I bought this sponge from Sasa around RM10++ after discount. 
I choose the white colour (hydration) because you can easily detect if it get dirty or grow mold.

There are a lot of benefits which you can easily search about and 1 of the top benefit which attract me as it is 100% natural. 

1st impression: The sponge is already hydrated in the package. When i hold the sponge, the 1st thought came into my mind  "Is this a sponge?! It feels like edible to me!". I really did give it a bite as it really looks edible but does not smell edible. It taste nothing - tasteless sponge (⌣_⌣”)
Usage: I use it after i do my normal face cleansing with hand to exfoliate and have a better cleansing in case hand and water not able to clear my cleanser on my face. Not really get use to it for the 1st few times as it is totally different from normal cleansing sponge. The hemisphere shape enable me to clean my whole face easily especially nose part. Remember, dont wash your face with dry sponge, it is very hard and harsh. 

Care: Thanks to the design with a string attached, i able to hand it outside the bathroom which able it to be aired dry. Before i use, i will put some face cleanser to wash the harden sponge which hopefully can lengthen the life span. 

My face have a better cleansing compare with bare hand
- Gentle, can be used anytime and without cleanser. I like to have my face clean after each time when out from house but don't wish to use cleanser more than twice a day. So this sponge really works well for me. 
- Affordable

- Short life span. My sponge stated to grow tiny tiny black dot in only 2 months. 
- Need some time to wet it with water before use.

Buy again: Yeap!

Product 2: Wonder Pore Brush from Etude House

Bought from Etude House in August sales at only RM 9.90 (*^^*)

Reason of buying this because it is cheap! and wanted to clear off the blackheads on my nose area. 

1st impression: SO SOFT!!! bit surprise to feel the softness of the brush. Love the cute design. The container got a few holes to able the water flow out. 

Usage: I use it with foam cleanser (fall in love with foam cleanser coz feel so soft and gentle!). The feeling is not bad, feel like using a make-up brush with cleanser on my face. Feel the face very clean after use. I only use the brush 2-3 times per week or when i feel my face need some deep cleansing. 

Care: Same as Konjac sponge, i will keep this brush outside the bathroom to let it aired dry, after it dry i will put it back to the cute container. 

After use: My nose still have blackheads. Maybe I did not clean my pores details enough. 

My face have a better cleansing compare with bare hand
- Gentle to face
- Affordable

- The brush was bit long, hard to clean the nose area. Feel itchy. 

Buy again: Nope, coz i just bought Po Bling brush!! Wait for my next review ya! 

Disclaimer: The products review are 100% based on my true feeling and 100% bought from my pocket money. 
Good things should share share right? 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

“There are no ugly women, only lazy ones”

Recently I  am SO addicted to beauty products and tools. Maybe because I feel myself is really OLD! (*0*)/
When i looked back on my old photos, really surprise and sad to see the different in me.. 
I no longer have those young teenage girl's face anymore  。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。 
I can not not to take care of my face and also body any more. Hence, recently i having big investment on beauty as well as supplement product to help/cure myself. Hopefully I can become like my previous young feel one day soon.

A very well-known proverb among the women - “There are no ugly women, only lazy ones” which I believe is very true and applies to everyone. 

IT is easy to say, hard to do BUT if you will never try, you will never know.

Wish me LUCK へ(。•ิ‿ -〃)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Eevee's Tales realive

cant believe that my last post is 2 YEARS ago! (*゚ロ゚)
and within this 2 years i think number of times of visiting  here "can finish count with your 10 fingers"

however, recently i suddenly got the interest on reading blogs especially beauty blogs. 
Maybe as my age grow older, i feel that i must really take care of myself - inner and also outer.  I also want myself to look great and pretty. 

If i don't start now when am i going to start? Times is running like rocket leh!! 
Hopefully my 'fire' wont go off but is continue burning with big flames.

Back to blogging, after recent visit to my blog, i feel that i should start blogging again because:
  1. is very fun to read what you have write in the past;
  2. makes me to recall some fun/sad event happen in my life, as you get older, u cant remember EVERYTHING that you been through;
  3. let myself know that i have such a meaningful life!;
  4. i'm a talkative girls and hence i love to share my life story to everyone;
  5. i wish my friends able to know my current situations now as working life makes me hardly meet my     friends;
  6. for my own 'syok sendiri' feel. 

Basically, this will remain the super randomly blog as i will blog on whatever i wish to blog~ └(^o^)┐

Friday, August 24, 2012

My Fun Raya Holiday~

Everyone back to kampung for this holiday but as for me i had been to one of my best fren house (Kyoumo) in Subang for holiday.
A really fun a great holiday for us, as Ava has come to KL from Kelantan for holiday

I think this was my 1st time of staying in a house since i 1st came to KL, feel so nice!

Although we dint go/visit to a lot places but we really have so much fun and also eat so so much

We 1st went to eat Korea food!! at one of a nice ambiance Korean Restaurant

In the nite, after shop awhile in Sunway Pyramid, we continue our food journey to Taman Megah's pasar malam!! 

The next day, Sing K section at red Box, Sunway Pyramid~
It was so fun to sing so much that day!!

In the nite, we had steamboat at Kyoumo's frens house. Bit shock tat over 80% are from Tawau!
Quite happy to meet tat much Tawau ppl at 1 place n quite shock that some say they recognize me haha...

The very last day, b4 i back to Setapak, we 3 finally got the chance to meet Cayenne!!!
A very memorable touching moment, therefore we sure dint miss the chance of taking photo together

Thanks Kyoumo for letting me staying here. I feel so great as it was the 1st time staying in a house since i came to KL.

Feel  to say to this Raya especially Ava going back to Kelantan. Not know when we 4 are going to gather again....

Monday, May 7, 2012

Easy bitsy recipe 1 : Pancake

Times to roboh my kitchen! MyEm0.Com
Nolah, just a joke...i ll be killed by the house owner if i Boom his kitchen MyEm0.Com

I had make myself a brunch last weekend, PANCAKE
it has been long long time i dint make use of the kitchen..

This pancake is super duper easy to make and suitable for new beginner (which only know masak maggi mee - eg: me MyEm0.Com)
Here are the recipe: (for 2-3 ppl)

- 1 cup flour
- 1 Tbsp baking powder (won't need tis if you r using self raising flour)
- 1 Tbsp sugar

- 1 large egg
- 3/4 cup milk
- 1/4 cup water
- 2Tbsp butter (melted) (optional)

- 1-2 Tbsp butter

1) Mix item A & B in a separate bowls.
2) Add A & B together
3) Heat pan with butter
4) Scoop out the batter and gently pour onto the heated pan and let it form a circle.
5) Let the pancake cook until see a lot of bubbles on the top is time...
6)  to flip it over!
7) When you see the bottom are in golden color, it meant tat is is ready to be served~

Note: Please don't press the pancake with spatula.

Oh yeah.. Mum, i successfully did my own pancake ^^ MyEm0.Com

Actually tis was not my 1st time make pancake but the 1st time which make this kind
n dint according to the recipeMyEm0.Com
Pancake which i made last time

Fortunately i still got the old pic with me... I was still in short hair!!

Happy cooking/roboh 'ing' the kitchen everyone MyEm0.Com

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Another year older

I'm 23 tis year lah.. sound like so old ah!!MyEm0.Com
Happy Birthday to Little Big EeveeMyEm0.Com
every year I sure will post something about my birthday, so same as tis year too...
nothing much i will post as tis year my birthday was not tat exciting ~

A pic of me for my 1st day of reaching 23 years old!!
I was forcing my eyes to open as i was so sleepy MyEm0.Com

I bought a piece of cake to pamper myself  MyEm0.Com

I think this year is my most lonely :(  birthday as i was having a usual 'ta bao' for dinner...
But at least my colleague celebrate for my lunch  (thanks so much!)

N you, who accompany whole nite (thanks my ♥  ^@^)

got 2 presents from my friends!! was quite surprise & touch (as i was not expecting any present tis year) & happy( coz i get something which i need ! - a cozy coat! n skirt n also 1 big glass of candies!) thanks so so much!!

last but not least, thanks all the wishes from my frens in fb and also sms too MyEm0.Com

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sorry for abandoning you

wow.. it really been long long long time i dint logon to (which is my OWN blog)
Feeling sorry for abandoning it.. sorry sorry ya..

I even forgot what is my blog layout!!(terrible me)     thats the reason for login here hehe..
HOWEVER, the blogging spirit has not been fired up yet ..
hope 1 day i really will back to writing for awhile again hehe

Saturday, December 24, 2011

my AFA convo~** weee

i m graduated again lar~ MyEm0.Com
with Advance Diploma in Commerce (Financial Accounting cum ACCA)
most probably this will be my last convocation (should i feel happy or sad??)
But this time I was very happy coz my family was here!!MyEm0.Com (last year my parent suddenly cant make it T.TMyEm0.Com)

n both my beloved aunts too ^^

It was very tiring for attending convo especially u have to carry a VERY heavy gown with you all the time n run around the college to catch victims
course-mates to take photos with me

Thanks so much for all the bears and flowers  MyEm0.Com