Friday, August 24, 2012

My Fun Raya Holiday~

Everyone back to kampung for this holiday but as for me i had been to one of my best fren house (Kyoumo) in Subang for holiday.
A really fun a great holiday for us, as Ava has come to KL from Kelantan for holiday

I think this was my 1st time of staying in a house since i 1st came to KL, feel so nice!

Although we dint go/visit to a lot places but we really have so much fun and also eat so so much

We 1st went to eat Korea food!! at one of a nice ambiance Korean Restaurant

In the nite, after shop awhile in Sunway Pyramid, we continue our food journey to Taman Megah's pasar malam!! 

The next day, Sing K section at red Box, Sunway Pyramid~
It was so fun to sing so much that day!!

In the nite, we had steamboat at Kyoumo's frens house. Bit shock tat over 80% are from Tawau!
Quite happy to meet tat much Tawau ppl at 1 place n quite shock that some say they recognize me haha...

The very last day, b4 i back to Setapak, we 3 finally got the chance to meet Cayenne!!!
A very memorable touching moment, therefore we sure dint miss the chance of taking photo together

Thanks Kyoumo for letting me staying here. I feel so great as it was the 1st time staying in a house since i came to KL.

Feel  to say to this Raya especially Ava going back to Kelantan. Not know when we 4 are going to gather again....

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