Saturday, October 4, 2014

Eevee's Tales realive

cant believe that my last post is 2 YEARS ago! (*゚ロ゚)
and within this 2 years i think number of times of visiting  here "can finish count with your 10 fingers"

however, recently i suddenly got the interest on reading blogs especially beauty blogs. 
Maybe as my age grow older, i feel that i must really take care of myself - inner and also outer.  I also want myself to look great and pretty. 

If i don't start now when am i going to start? Times is running like rocket leh!! 
Hopefully my 'fire' wont go off but is continue burning with big flames.

Back to blogging, after recent visit to my blog, i feel that i should start blogging again because:
  1. is very fun to read what you have write in the past;
  2. makes me to recall some fun/sad event happen in my life, as you get older, u cant remember EVERYTHING that you been through;
  3. let myself know that i have such a meaningful life!;
  4. i'm a talkative girls and hence i love to share my life story to everyone;
  5. i wish my friends able to know my current situations now as working life makes me hardly meet my     friends;
  6. for my own 'syok sendiri' feel. 

Basically, this will remain the super randomly blog as i will blog on whatever i wish to blog~ └(^o^)┐

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