Monday, October 27, 2014

[Beauty] Konjac Sponge & Wonder Pore Brush

I know I know, Konjac Sponge wave is ended as now everyone was discussing about Po Bling brush.

However, I just started to use Konjac Sponge 2 month ago!! I'm such an outdated girl.
No matter old or new product, as long as it is a good product why not to give it a try. (^_-)

Product 1: Konjac Sponge

After do some few research (you can find plenty of information in variety websites/blogs on this product nowadays), I bought this sponge from Sasa around RM10++ after discount. 
I choose the white colour (hydration) because you can easily detect if it get dirty or grow mold.

There are a lot of benefits which you can easily search about and 1 of the top benefit which attract me as it is 100% natural. 

1st impression: The sponge is already hydrated in the package. When i hold the sponge, the 1st thought came into my mind  "Is this a sponge?! It feels like edible to me!". I really did give it a bite as it really looks edible but does not smell edible. It taste nothing - tasteless sponge (⌣_⌣”)
Usage: I use it after i do my normal face cleansing with hand to exfoliate and have a better cleansing in case hand and water not able to clear my cleanser on my face. Not really get use to it for the 1st few times as it is totally different from normal cleansing sponge. The hemisphere shape enable me to clean my whole face easily especially nose part. Remember, dont wash your face with dry sponge, it is very hard and harsh. 

Care: Thanks to the design with a string attached, i able to hand it outside the bathroom which able it to be aired dry. Before i use, i will put some face cleanser to wash the harden sponge which hopefully can lengthen the life span. 

My face have a better cleansing compare with bare hand
- Gentle, can be used anytime and without cleanser. I like to have my face clean after each time when out from house but don't wish to use cleanser more than twice a day. So this sponge really works well for me. 
- Affordable

- Short life span. My sponge stated to grow tiny tiny black dot in only 2 months. 
- Need some time to wet it with water before use.

Buy again: Yeap!

Product 2: Wonder Pore Brush from Etude House

Bought from Etude House in August sales at only RM 9.90 (*^^*)

Reason of buying this because it is cheap! and wanted to clear off the blackheads on my nose area. 

1st impression: SO SOFT!!! bit surprise to feel the softness of the brush. Love the cute design. The container got a few holes to able the water flow out. 

Usage: I use it with foam cleanser (fall in love with foam cleanser coz feel so soft and gentle!). The feeling is not bad, feel like using a make-up brush with cleanser on my face. Feel the face very clean after use. I only use the brush 2-3 times per week or when i feel my face need some deep cleansing. 

Care: Same as Konjac sponge, i will keep this brush outside the bathroom to let it aired dry, after it dry i will put it back to the cute container. 

After use: My nose still have blackheads. Maybe I did not clean my pores details enough. 

My face have a better cleansing compare with bare hand
- Gentle to face
- Affordable

- The brush was bit long, hard to clean the nose area. Feel itchy. 

Buy again: Nope, coz i just bought Po Bling brush!! Wait for my next review ya! 

Disclaimer: The products review are 100% based on my true feeling and 100% bought from my pocket money. 
Good things should share share right? 

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