Thursday, April 19, 2012

Another year older

I'm 23 tis year lah.. sound like so old ah!!MyEm0.Com
Happy Birthday to Little Big EeveeMyEm0.Com
every year I sure will post something about my birthday, so same as tis year too...
nothing much i will post as tis year my birthday was not tat exciting ~

A pic of me for my 1st day of reaching 23 years old!!
I was forcing my eyes to open as i was so sleepy MyEm0.Com

I bought a piece of cake to pamper myself  MyEm0.Com

I think this year is my most lonely :(  birthday as i was having a usual 'ta bao' for dinner...
But at least my colleague celebrate for my lunch  (thanks so much!)

N you, who accompany whole nite (thanks my ♥  ^@^)

got 2 presents from my friends!! was quite surprise & touch (as i was not expecting any present tis year) & happy( coz i get something which i need ! - a cozy coat! n skirt n also 1 big glass of candies!) thanks so so much!!

last but not least, thanks all the wishes from my frens in fb and also sms too MyEm0.Com

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